Pierre Winther

EXPOSITION du 13 septembre au 27 octobre 2012 “NOTHING BEATS REALITY”


Pierre Winther is the key artist for cinematic storytelling. With all the variety in his subjects, there is a narrative constant that transcends the static motif. Whether it's the innocent man with the bomb-belt, the Japanese women with their messed-up make-up on a double bed, or simply the protagonist staring into the camera lens, as if he wanted to say: "I've got a surprise for you!" - the photo artist's works appear to be details from a larger picture, which the observer can only try to imagine.

The motifs only nurture our curiosity. It's about those moments that are one step ahead of our imagination, tragicomically imbued with black humor and the grotesque emotionality of naïveté or eroticism in a violent environment. Pierre Winther challenges and deconstructs value systems and brings the starkest contrasts together, as if they had always belonged that way. The most dramatic events often unfold with a seeming casualness in the background, taking irritation and provocation to extremes.

With this contents, Pierre Winther's striking visual vocabulary acts like oil poured into a flame. As an artist who acts not only as a photographer, Pierre Winther leaves no detail to chance and decides concept, cast, and location, to name just a few. He frequently finds his distinctive over-acting amateur protagonists in street castings. And the name Pierre Winther stands for selective over-staging in other ways as well: saturated colors, unusual subjective or voyeuristic perspectives, and, again and again, the direct view into the camera, which turns the observer into a witness.

Pierre Winther was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1964. His "pieces of art with a logo," as they are referred to by insiders, led to advertising campaigns, music videos, and magazine contributions that have achieved iconic status around the world and won numerous awards. One of the most talked-about subjects is the man riding a tiger shark from a Levi's shoot. Other lifestyle brands, such as Dunhill, Hugo Boss, Diesel, or Nike, also used Pierre Winther in their campaigns. He has directed music videos and portraits of artists such as the Beastie Boys, INXS, Björk, Massive Attack, or Skunk Anansie. His works were featured in various magazines, including Dutch, The Face, iD, Rolling Stone, Spin, Vibe, and Vogue.

Lunar Drive
Far away from the earth there is a planet "X". It is a planet with low gravity where people travel in style and by the power of their weapons. They shoot themselves into space with the power of the gun recoil. A hail of bullets hits the ground and off they go. 'Lunar Drive' is an art project by Pierre Winther.



Elegantly Wasted
American sports cars and living on the edge while playing dangerous games for fun. For the new INXS album 'Elegantly Wasted' a stylish universe was created, a world of excess with a girl as its guardian. The pictures were used as cover art and promotion material. To coincide with the release of the album and provide a link to the real world the colourful cars drove through London, Paris and New York and one of the cars was hung over the Thames from a crane. 'Elegantly Wasted' was realized for INXS.
Successful Living
A car crashes but nobody bothers to help, an old man uses a young half naked woman to practise golf. The pictures from the 'Successful Living' series give deep insight into today's moral standards, each one commenting on society and human behaviour. Issues such as domestic violence, people taking advantage of certain situations and maybe even turning them into a real life theatre, are touched and controversially displayed. 'Successful Living' was realized for Diesel.